New Year Event: Thanks for Coming!

We had a great time with our TC friends last Friday!

Ms. Grace Wu was giving a wonderful Chinese teaching lecture.
Delicious Chinese dinner!
Calligraphy workshop.
Paper-cutting workshop.

Works Exhibition

Thanks so much for joining us in this event!

Wish all of you a lucky year!

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Come and celebrate Chinese New Year with US!


On February 23rd, we will have a celebration event of Chinese New Year!

Location: Jon. M. Huntsman Hall F65

Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm

We will have a Chinese Calligraphy workshop. You can make your own Spring Festival Couplets to take home with!

Free food are provided: Dumplings, Kungpao Chicken, Sautéed mixed vegetables!

Come and enjoy!

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TC@Penn 2017 Welcome Reception

Hello Guys!

We have just had our first meeting for this semester!

It was so nice meeting everyone here!


Teaching Workshop

Interesting Activity

Delicious Food


Thank you all for coming!

Hope we can have fun together in TC@Penn!

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TC@Penn is Calling New!!

Happy New Semester!

TC@Penn is now looking for new Chinese tutors and tutees.

If you are good at Chinese, or if you are interested in learning Chinese and expriencing Chinese culture, here is the right place for you!



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Movie Night!


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Chinese Idioms Station #Week 5#

一字千金 [yī zì qiān jīn]

一 [yī] one
字 [zì] letter, word
千 [qiān] thousand
金 [jīn] gold

General meaning: even just one letter in the literature worth thousands of gold. It is used to describe an outstanding literature work.

[zhè piān wén zhāng xiě de zhēn hǎo, zhēn kě shuō shì yī zì qiān jīn]
This literature work is so brilliant, it is一字千金.


异想天开 [yì xiǎng tiān kāi]

异 [yì]: bizarre
想 [xiǎng]: thoughts
天开 [tiān kāi]: divine revelation

General meaning: to describe unrealistic thoughts that cannot be fulfilled.


[tā cóng bù xué xí què hái xiǎng dé gāo fēn, zhēn shì yì xiǎng tiān kāi]
He never studies and yet he wants to get a high score, it is really 异想天开.

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Chinese Idioms Station #Week 4#


忍:to bear

气:dissatisfaction; grievance

吞:to swallow

声:sound, voice

忍气:being mistreated but did not express one’s dissatisfaction

吞声:do not dare to speak out one’s grievances


General Meaning: This idiom describes a situation in which a mistreated person feels angry about the offender but does not dare to voice out his or her grievances.

Example: Jack is abusive to his daughter Claudia and often neglects her needs. Claudia feels maltreated and angry. However, she does not dare to challenge her father’s authority and thus does not voice out her thoughts. She 忍气吞声地moves on in life.  


孤:only; sole

注:to bet

掷:to throw (a dice when gambling)

Explanation: the literal meaning of this idiom is that one bets all one’s money for a final showdown. It is used more often in a figurative context, meaning that a person gears up all his or her energy and resources to engage in a risky activity for the last time.

Example: Jamie is treating a patient suffering from lung cancer. She has several plans and nearly all of them failed. Running out of time, Jamie decides to invest all her energy and time to test out one last method,孤注一掷, to see if she can save the patient’s life.

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