TC Mandarin Class

TC@Penn gladly announce that, starting from February 5, we are offering two free Mandarin Classes this semester, in addition to the tutoring service. We aim to provide more opportunities and forms of Chinese learning and to build up a Mandarin Chinese learner’s community.

To register, please click here.

We offer two classes: Mandarin 101 & Mandarin 201, details see below.

Mandarin 101:

7:00-8:00 P.M. Thursdays @ Fisher Benett Hall 024 (first class on Feb. 6)

This course is designed for beginning students who have no previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, and who are interested in speaking Mandarin in daily life and learning the culture of contemporary China. From our sessions, you will find a way to know about China better, and step into a fantastic world of Mandarin and Chinese culture.


Week 1: How to pronounce Chinese: Getting to know pinyin & Say “Hi!”

Week 2: Getting to know each other: I, you, he/she/it

Week 3: Asking and answering questions I: “Is this…?”

Week 4: Asking and answering questions II: “What is it?”

Week 5: Numbers & Time: “What time is it?”

Week 6: Lost in Beijing: “Where is the…?”

Week 7: Likes and dislikes: “What food do you like?”

Week 8: Taking a Holiday: Past and future tenses

Week 9: Progressive tenses: “What are you doing?”

Week 10: Describing actions: “They are playing happily.”

Week 11: Complements: “It’s good!”

Week 12: Making complaints: “Why are you late?”

Mandarin 201:

7:00-8:00 P.M. Wednesdays @ Fisher Benett Hall 024 (first class on Feb. 5)

This course is designed for students who are seeking to improve their communicative skills in Mandarin Chinese. The classroom will be student-centered and the students will be provided with lots of opportunities to practice speaking and listening.


Week 1: A Review to Pinyin, Greetings and Self-introduction(informal greetings)

Week 2: Spring Festival(culture and customs), other festivals

Week 3: Ordering Food and Table Manners(1)

Week 4: Ordering Food and Table Manners(2)

Week 5: Dates and Time

Week 6: My Family

Week 7: Love and Dating

Week 8: Shopping and Bargaining(1)

Week 9: Shopping and Bargaining(2)

Week 10: Making appointments (accepting and rejecting)

Week 11: Transportations

Week 12: My Chinese Learning Experience

*the syllabus may be adjusted according to student interests and learning condition

For more information, please visit our website. If you have any further question, please contact Junyu at

All Penn students, faculty and staff are welcomed. We look forward to seeing you there!


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