Traditional Chinese Game Night 2015

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People always say that “we are too old for this kind of stuff…” But really!? Are you interested in those sports games Chinese people played in their childhood? Do you want to wear the trendiest sportswear and fight for the BIG awards? Do you want to meet awesome Penn people? Join us on October 29th, being young and being wild! Food and drinks are provided.

Location:Houston Hall 223—Golkin Room

Time:Oct 29th, participants enter at 8:15 pm, and the party begins at 8:30 pm

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You are a big fan of Philly Eagles, but do you know how to play “Eagle catches Chicks”? You love Chinese food, but have ever showed off your awesome chopsticks skills to others? You can definitely have new experiences at Chinese Sports Theme Party. Wear your trendiest sportswear to win BIG awards!

To sign up:

Scan me!TC Game NightOr click here:



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