2015 TC@Penn Annual Prodution–Traditional Chinese Game Night

On November 29th 2015, TC@Penn’s annual activity– Traditional Chinese Game Night was held in Houston Hall Golkin Room. We provided more than ten types of traditional Chinese Dim Sum and sodas, which made our participants had a tasty experience even before the games.

IMG_7058 IMG_7059diverse and delicious food

During the event, we divided the room into different zones for a great number of games in Chinese Childhood. For example, Drop the Handkerchief, One Two Three Woodman, Hawk Catches Chicks, Where Are You, Jian Zi, Jumping Squares, Rope Jumping etc. The rules were easy, but the joy was on fire. All the participants from different cultural background gathered together, memorizing the age of innocence, looking for the energy and enthusiasm back to the childhood.

IMG_7155IMG_7355Drop the Handkerchief and Hula Hoop (our super model VP marketing is so beautiful!)

IMG_7186 IMG_7217

One Two Three Woodman! Run Guys! Run!

IMG_7538 DPP_0110

Where are you! Our amazing president hiding and catching!

DPP_0028 DPP_0042

Chinese rope weaving and Squares jumping!

IMG_7387 IMG_7422 IMG_7431 IMG_7432

Look these smooth jumper conquering the rope!

Besides the fantastic games, we also provided great prizes, including stationery, cute accessories and the biggest surprise– Coffee Maker!


Our luckiest participant with our VP marketing Yue Xu and President Linlin Wang!

Who gave the good luck to our participants? Tada! Our beautiful VP Ruiqi Zhu!


For the sake of our participants, all the board member and our Tutors came to the room earlier to settle everything up! Not to mention the effort they’ve made during the pre-planning!

IMG_7371 IMG_7090


Our VP events Yating Zhang, VP teaching Chenxi Li, VP finance Xueshan Deng and other board members

This grand night should be memorized!We really appreciate the great preparation and plan of all the TC members and all the participation of our TC Tutees and our friends! We will keeping working hard on our Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture expansion, see you in 2016 annual production!


Our President and VPs


Grand selfie of the great night!

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