Chinese Idioms Station #Week 3#

hè lì jī qún 


鹤 hè  crane (bird)

立 lì   stand at

鸡 jī   rooster

群 qún  group

Literal meaning: A crane standing among a group of roosters.

Connotation: To describe a person who is outstanding.

Use: 他真聪明,在班里真是鹤立鸡群

 He is so smart. He totally stands out in his class.

shān méng hǎi shì


hǎi: sea

méng、誓shì: oath, promise

Meaning: The promise and oath made to a lover, for example: “I will love you forever.”

Use: It is only used for couples, regarding  to love.


    All the promises that he made are lying.



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