Chinese Idioms Station #Week 3#

hè lì jī qún 


鹤 hè  crane (bird)

立 lì   stand at

鸡 jī   rooster

群 qún  group

Literal meaning: A crane standing among a group of roosters.

Connotation: To describe a person who is outstanding.

Use: 他真聪明,在班里真是鹤立鸡群

 He is so smart. He totally stands out in his class.

shān méng hǎi shì


hǎi: sea

méng、誓shì: oath, promise

Meaning: The promise and oath made to a lover, for example: “I will love you forever.”

Use: It is only used for couples, regarding  to love.


    All the promises that he made are lying.


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#Chinese Idioms Station# Week 2

海枯石烂  [hǎi kū shí làn]


枯:dry up




General meaning: (even if) the sea run dry and the rock crumble. To describe a long period of time, or to describe the eternal love.


即使海枯石烂,我的爱也不会改变。[jí shǐ hǎi kū shí làn, wǒ de ài yě bú huì gǎi biàn]

My love will not change even if the sea runs dry and the rock crumbles.


Synonym: 天荒地老 [tiān huāng dì lǎo]


难以置信 [nán yǐ zhì xìn]


General meaning: hard to believe


他没有复习就通过了考试,真是难以置信。[tā méi yǒu fù xí jiù tōng guò le kǎo shì, zhēn shì nán yǐ zhì xìn]

It’s hard to believe that he passed the exam without reviewing the knowledge.


Synonym: 出乎意料 [chū hū yì liào]

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#Chinese Idiom Station# Week 1

New Start Spring 2017!

虎头蛇尾  [hǔ tóu shé wěi]





General meaning: to do things with a fine start but a poor finish.


他的一个缺点是做事虎头蛇尾。[tā de yí gè quē diǎn shì zuò shì hǔ tóu shé wěi]

One of his shortcomings is that he does things with a fine start but a poor finish.

Synonym: 有始无终 [yǒu shǐ wú zhōng]

翻天覆地 [fān tiān fù dì]

翻:turn over2011103116030786





General meaning: to describe an earth-shaking change.



学校发生了翻天覆地的变化。[xué xiào fā shēng le fān tiān fù dì de biàn huà]

School has changed dramatically.
Synonym: 沧海桑田 [cāng hǎi sāng tián]


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#Passing Through Chinese Dynasties#

Passing Through 

Chinese Dynasties

TC@Penn has just held its biggest event of this semester! “Passing Through Chinese Dynasties”! It was really fantastic! See the photos here!!



Traditional Chinese Costumes


Penn Chinese Dance Club


Yummy Chinese Food


Interesting Chinese Games


Lovely Guests


Next time, join TC@Penn and have a amazing trip together!

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Passing Through Chinese Dynasties

Interested in Chinese history or Chinese traditional customs?
Want to challenge yourself by doing Chinese calligraphy and Chinese knot?
Or just get relaxed by trying traditional games from China?
Stop by our “Passing Through Chinese Dynasties” event and enjoy free Chinese food and tea!
P.S. You are more than welcome to dress in traditional costumes from your own culture!


To register, please click on the link.

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#Chinese Idioms Station# Week 2

wàn  万:      ten thousand
wú    无:      no
yī      一:      one/once
shī    失:      fail
General meaning: cannot fail under any circumstances; no risk at all.

Example: 这项投资方案万无一失,但老板还是不同意。 
[zhè xiàng tóu zī fāng àn wàn wú yī shī ,dàn lǎo bǎn hái shì bù tóng yì]
This investment project takes no risk at all, but the boss still didn’t pass it.
十拿九稳[shí ná jiǔ wěn]
稳操胜券[wěn cāo shèng quàn]

pāo     抛: to throw, to cast
zhuān 砖: brick
yǐn      引: to attract, to cause
yù       玉: jade
General meaning: offer an immature idea or ordinary work during a group activity as an invitation for other people to contribute a much better suggestion or extraordinary creation.
Example: Mary and her friends all wrote about the same essay topic. 
Several people claimed that their own essay is the best. 
To decide on the winner, the group decided to examine the essays one by one. 
Knowing that her essay is not excellent, Mary displayed her essay first as an act of 抛砖引玉, so that people who had better essays could now feel free to reveal theirs.
Background knowledge: The Chinese highly value jade and consider it the representation of purity and integrity. 
Many Chinese characters with  “玉” as radicals have positive connotations.
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#Chinese Idioms Station# Week 1


TC@Penn now has our own #Chinese Idioms Station#!

We are going to share two Cheng Yu or Popular Words every week. Interested in Chinese? Don’t miss our special word food! #Chinese Idioms Station# Week 1


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